I'm Shardul

I help coaching and consulting businesses monetize their email list by crafting SICK and JUST DIFFERENT email copy...that cuts through the noise.A fun fact, I’m from Nepal(The country with 1310 mountains - including Mt.Everest) so don’t be surprised if some spring water magic gets sprinkled in your copy ;-)Check out some of my testimonials and samples here.And if you’re ready...I’m looking to take on 3 more clients this month to help you dig up hidden profits from your email list...In short my mission - make you & your bank accounts happy :)Email me at contact@shardulphuyal.comOrDM @shardul.copy on IG - I’d prefer Instagram, cause to be fair email convo is kinda boring :)

Trained by professionals

Sam & Tyler have sold over $100M with their emails, writing for 9-figure brands like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Vshred & BioTrust.

Sean has personally made $2.5 Million with copywriting and has been featured by Forbes, Dailymail, Entrepreneur, etc.Two-time summit speaker sharing stages with Dan Lok, Dan Pena, Justin Goff Jason Capital, and more.

Matthew is the founder of The Email Dojo and has made Millions in added ARR for his clients.Nico has helped 7 & 8-figure companies boost open rates by up to 428%, increased sales by 7X, and decreased the number of emails going to spam by up to 600%.Kenneth is the writer behind the world's biggest business coaches. With $52.5 million in sales.

Email Copy Samples

Testimonials & Reviews


Your Mission & Relationship Are Paramount

Your brand's voice and relationship with your audience are sacred. Every message I craft ensures it strengthens that relationship.

Clear Communication Matters

Having clear and regular communication is crucial for every mutually beneficial relationship. That’s why, I ask questions upfront and maintain regular communication to ensure I meet your needs.

Performance Matters

Time and resources invested must generate results; I only get paid when you are satisfied with the performance.

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